eSmart Digital Licence+ FAQs

How do I register my school/organisation for the eSmart Digital Licence+?

You can register your school/organisation here.
Note, the individual who registers your school/organisation will automatically become the Digital Licence Coordinator (DL Coordinator).

How much does it cost to use the DL+ program?

From January 2024, DL+ is now fully funded, and available at no cost to all Australian schools. For New Zealand schools, there is funding available for state schools, and some other schools based on demographic indicators. Email us at [email protected] to learn more.

What do I do if the Digital Licence+ website is blocked by my school network?

Simply pass this list of URLs to the IT team at your school and request that they are added to the whitelist: 

Who is the DL Coordinator?

The DL Coordinator is the person responsible for the registration and management of your school/organisation’s Digital Licence+ account.

There can only be one DL Coordinator for each school/organisation, so please ensure that this staff member has the delegation of responsibility to take on this role.

Only the DL Coordinator can add educators and students to the platform via a CSV upload.

How do I know if my school already has a DL Coordinator?

You will not be able to register your school/organisation if it has already been registered by someone else who has taken on this role. Consult your colleagues to see if anyone has done this, or head to our contact page to reach out to us for support.

How can educators access the eSmart Digital Licence+?

The DL Coordinator at your school/organisation manages the uploading educator details. Once uploaded, educators receive an email containing instructions on how to log in and use the Digital Licence+.

How do I register my students for the eSmart Digital Licence+?

Once the DL Coordinator has registered your school/organisation, they simply upload the list of student details via the CSV upload tool. There are instructions for schools/organisations using the Compass system, and for those who do not use the Compass system.

Note, when student details are uploaded via CSV, the system will automatically allocate each new student a licence to undertake the modules.

View this video to see how to onboard your students into your school account.

How do I give my students access to the eSmart Digital Licence+?

Students with email addresses will receive an email containing a link with instructions to log in.

Students without emails can use their name as a username, and their year of birth plus two asterisks (example: 2000**) as a temporary password. This will prompt them to set a new password.

How do I allocate modules to students?

To allocate modules, simply:

  • log in to your account
  • find your class in the ‘students’ page
  • select ‘Unlock Modules’
  • read the descriptions and target age for the two different modules within the topic area
  • assign each student to a module based on your understanding of their readiness to engage with the content.

How do I decide which module is appropriate for my students?
There are four main topic areas. Each topic has two modules with different content, one targeted at students aged 10 and over and the other targeted at 12 years and over.

You can familiarise yourself with the two levels for each topic area by heading to the ‘educator resources’ tab.

It is up to the classroom educator to decide which modules are appropriate for any given student.

The target ages are a guide. Other factors may play a part in your decision – such as the social, emotional and intellectual development of your students and their exposure to technology.

How do I know how many licences my school/organisation has?

To see how many licences have been allocated to your school/organisation, and how many have been used, find the ‘paid licences’ counter on the top right-hand corner of the ‘students’ page.

How can I request more licences?

Head to our contact page to reach out to request more licences.

How long does the eSmart Digital Licence+ take for students to complete?

To complete the Digital Licence+, a student must successfully complete one module from each topic area. Each self-directed module takes approximately 1.5 hours.

If you want to further support student learning, head to the ‘educator resources’ tab to find:

  • teacher professional development resources
  • classroom lessons
  • ‘techgether’ activities for students to undertake with parents/carers.

Is diversity represented in the Digital Licence+?

There are many characters that students meet throughout the Digital Licence+ experience. These characters subtly reflect diversity in gender, ability and ethnicity and have been carefully created with the aim of encouraging students to see themselves in anyone.

How is privacy protected?

The eSmart Digital Licence+ is designed to meet the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards for collection and processing of personal information. It is also designed to be compliant with Australian privacy law. Click here for more information about your privacy.

What student data is captured and shared?

Information about students date of birth, gender and Indigenous status are collected along with the responses provided within the DL+ modules. This data is de-identified and shared with a third party research partner to contribute to the Child Online Safety Index, a world-first real-time measure to help nations better understand their children’s online safety status. You can read more about how we protect privacy standards in the privacy policy and the terms and conditions.